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The Key Differences Between Analyst Relations and Media Relations

by Tanya Amyote Raising awareness around your company and its offerings should mean more than throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing if it sticks. A strategic PR and marketing plan will get you closer to your goal, whether that’s recognition in thought leadership, an appealing product for potential investors, more clients, or all of […]

Meeting of the Minds: HR and Marketing collaborate to improve employee engagement

by Jennifer Marsnik Public relations, marketing, and advertising are well-established disciplines focused on communicating specific messaging to specific external audiences at specific times. Today, more executives are realizing the importance of intentional, purposeful messaging shared within their organizations. Despite that recognition, internal communication remains an often-overlooked function. This is especially true for small- and medium-sized […]

How Legal Professionals Can Elevate Their Marketing During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we knew it. Among our many stresses today is the fear of the unknown, both personally and professionally. Even if our current work situation is stable, could that change in the coming months?  Legal professionals and their marketing teams may feel especially vulnerable during this time. Too often, […]

When the Show Can’t Go On: Four Tips to Maximize PR at Virtual Events

by Vicki LaBrosse The planning, coordination and expense your company has put into live events have come to a halt. What do you do when your event, trade show or conference has made the shift from in-person to virtual hosting? How do you plan for new product or corporate announcements, in-person networking and lead generation […]

Looking for Action: Engage Prospects with Interactive Content

by Megan Miller How many applications are open on your device right now? And your second device – likely a mobile phone – how many alerts have you received this morning? Which message or alert has captured your attention? In the digital age, where posts are limited to 140 characters and conversations may contain more […]

Want to increase creativity to solve challenges during the pandemic? Skip the Doritos and try meditation

By Cindy Moen Want to increase creativity to solve challenges during the pandemic? Skip the Doritos and try meditation These are unusual, highly stressful times. Across every industry, jobs have been reduced or eliminated. Movements have been limited to those deemed essential. Parents are working from home while their children are getting educated from home. […]

Marketing Your Company During COVID-19

By Nicolle Martin We are facing a new time in the history of our country – and the world – and learning to adapt can be challenging. We are all adjusting to either working from home or working differently, social distancing and doing our best to keep our family and friends healthy and safe. Marketing […]

Marketing During COVID-19: Burning Questions Answered by the Experts at Edge

Marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic can be tricky. This is a time when marketing strategies are changing rapidly. What is the right way to market during a pandemic? How can everyone fill the in-person conference and sales meetings gap? What can we do to replace the face-to-face conferences and trade shows that are now either […]